Wayne W. Wayne (presumably Wayne Wayne Wayne) alongside Frank is one of the central Guys in the comic's title (as opposed to Guy, who is a girl). Unlike Frank, he doesn't wear glasses. His hair is spiky-blonde.

Wayne isn't known to occupy a specific job, however he is trying to become an author. Many jokes revolve around him lacking inspiration.

He is quite frankly an idiot, possibly due to a chunk of his brain missing. He is rude, crass, gullible, and a compulsive liar. He is also an alcoholic.


  • Wayne is the character with the most appearances (Data soon to be available)
  • Wayne is on bad terms with his close family. He wasn't invited to his sister's wedding, and is prepared to kill them if necessary.
  • Wayne's sister is also mentioned.
  • Wayne seems to have at least two sisters (link to the comic where wayne mentions "the dumb one")
  • Wayne is arachnophobic.
  • Wayne frequently suffers irreversible injuries. There are several explanations for his systematic miraculous recovery :
    • Frank heals him with science
    • Comics take place in various parallel universes (link to comic needed)
    • Comics take place in simulated universes
    • Wayne is cloned every time he dies (link to comic needed)
    • Wayne is a figment of Frank's imagination
  • There are many hints that Wayne may be one of Frank's experiments : 1 2 3
  • His diary had a movie adaptation
  • Wayne has had a syndrome (similar to Stockholm's) named after him